StarRocks version 1.19


Release date: Octorber 22, 2021

New Feature

  • Implement Global Runtime Filter, which can enable runtime filter for shuffle join.
  • CBO Planner is enabled by default, improved colocated join, bucket shuffle, statistical information estimation, etc.
  • [Experimental Function] Primary Key model release: To better support real-time/frequent update feature, StarRocks has added a new table type: primary key model. The model supports Stream Load, Broker Load, Routine Load and also provides a second-level synchronization tool for MySQL data based on Flink-cdc.
  • [Experimental Function] Support write function for external tables. Support writing data to another StarRocks cluster table by external tables to solve the read/write separation requirement and provide better resource isolation.



  • Performance optimization.
    • count distinct int statement
    • group by int statement
    • or statement
  • Optimize disk balance algorithm. Data can be automatically balanced after adding disks to a single machine.
  • Support partial column export.
  • Optimize show processlist to show specific SQL.
  • Support multiple variable settings in SET_VAR .
  • Improve the error reporting information, including table_sink, routine load, creation of materialized view, etc.

StarRocks-DataX Connector

  • Support setting interval flush StarRocks-DataX Writer.


  • Fix the issue that the dynamic partition table cannot be created automatically after the data recovery operation is completed. # 337
  • Fix the problem of error reported by row_number function after CBO is opened.
  • Fix the problem of FE stuck due to statistical information collection
  • Fix the problem that set_var takes effect for session but not for statements.
  • Fix the problem that select count(*) returns abnormality on the Hive partition external table.


Release date: November 2, 2021


  • Optimize the performance of show frontends. # 507 # 984
  • Add monitoring of slow queries. # 502 # 891
  • Optimize the fetching of Hive external metadata to achieve parallel fetching.# 425 # 451


  • Fix the problem of Thrift protocol compatibility, so that the Hive external table can be connected with Kerberos. # 184 # 947 # 995 # 999
  • Fix several bugs in view creation. # 972 # 987# 1001
  • Fix the problem that FE cannot be upgraded in grayscale. # 485 # 890